Who Knew That Sheep Could Look So God Damn Frightening?

If you head over to Valais in southern Switzerland, not only will you stumble across the iconic pyramid-shaped Matterhorn mountain, you’re also likely see some of the most frightening sheep on the planet. Admittedly that might sound strange, if someone asked you to a series


KFC has a crazy new way to deliver chicken in the form of the Chizza

Fried chicken doubles up as the foundation of another of our favorite foods: pizza! While Kentucky Fried Chicken has gained some notoriety for being horribly unhealthy in the west, Japanese KFC is still considered a trendy fast food chain. So perhaps the company’s decision-makers saw another opportunity to


Eating These Magnificent Candy Creations Should Be a Crime

Some artists work with paint, others use clay, while some chip away at chunks of marble. Shinri Tezuka prefers the medium of candy, turning melted sugar into stunning crystal-like creations through the Japanese art of amezaiku. As Great Big Story reveals, each creation is a


The Scariest Halloween Costumes of 2016

I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of scary Halloween costumes this year, but these costumes, illustrated by Cale from Things in Squares, are the scariest of them all. For me, the “No Internet” outfit is probably the scariest one as far as I’m concerned! With


New Apple Campus goes green. Literally.

Meanwhile, down in Cupertino, the Apple Campus II has taken a major step in the last four weeks toward fulfilling its moniker, looking more and more like a campus rather than just an enormous ring. The centerpiece ring is, of course, still coming together. As